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Matching Wedding Ring Sets

We offer a range of wedding rings incorporating our Celtic Knot, Celtic Shield and Ogham collections, with a smaller and larger size of each of our styles. Typically, the smaller width band would be worn by the bride whilst the larger width band is worn by the groom. However, we have specially designed all of our wedding rings to offer unisex styles that suit both men and women alike.

Celtic Love Knot Wedding band-white set standing.jpeg.png.png

Embossed Celtic Love Knot

5mm and 7mm width

Trinity Knot Wedding Band Set _ White Gold Darkened Standing.jpeg.png

Trinity Knot

3mm, 5mm and 7mm width

Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set _ Gold Darkened Set.jpeg.png

Embossed Celtic Knot

6mm and 8mm width

Celtic heart wedding ring set _ engraved sterling silver.jpeg.png

Celtic Knot Heart

6mm and 8mm width

Mo Anam-Cara Wedding Ring Set _ Polished .jpeg.png

Mo Anam Cara

6mm and 8mm width

Love Knot Wedding Ring Set _ Engraved .jpeg.png

Celtic Love Knot

6mm and 8mm width

Gra go deo Wedding Rings _ Polished.jpeg.png

Grá Go Deo

6mm and 8mm width

celtic shield wedding band set - white gold set.jpeg.png.png

Celtic Shield

5mm and 7mm width

personalised ogham trim ring wedding ring set sterling silver standing.png.png

Ogham Trim

4mm, 6mm and 8mm width

Ogham Wedding Rings _ Personalised .jpeg.png

Embossed Ogham

6mm and 8mm width

personalised ogham ring wedding set with rose gold trim polished .png.png

Gold Ogham Trim

6mm and 8mm width

claddagh wedding band set _ sterling silver.png.png

Full Claddagh

6mm and 8mm width

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