Personalised Ogham birthstone earrings are made to order with an Ogham initial on one and birthstone on the other.  These beautiful stud earrings are a unique design, they are mismatched and made to order. Choose your Ogham initial, the colour stone, the material you want your earrings made from and leave the rest to us!


Hallmarked in the Irish assay office in Dublin castle.

Ogham Initial Birthstone Earrings

  • Ogham (pronounced 'oh am') is the earliest form of writing in Ireland, dating back to the 4th. Typically etched into stone pillars or wooden posts, it consists of a series of strokes along a central line, the quantity and angle of strokes determine which letter of the English alphabet it represents. Ogham is read from the bottom to top or right to left. Most surviving examples are found on stone monuments in the south of Ireland and Wales.

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