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Sterling Silver Ogham cufflinks, handcrafted with ancient Ogham script. The cufflinks are inscribed with the Irish word for love, 'Grá', or your very own Ogham script. The inscription is darkened against the highly polished sterling silver.


About the Design

Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet dating back to the 4th century. It is the earliest form of writing in Ireland, it was mostly carved into stone pillars to mark territories and land. Examples of Ogham stone pillars can still be found throughout Ireland.

Where is it made? 

Each pair of cufflinks is individually made to order in my workshop in Dublin, Ireland. By making each one to order I can ensure you get a quality piece made with the most intricate detail. Each one is hallmarked in the Irish assay office in Dublin castle.



If you would like it made in Gold, Palladium or Platinum. Submit a request for a price quote here.

Personalised Ogham Oval Cufflinks

  • Weight

    9.5 grams



    Length 22mm X Width 17mm X Depth 1.5mm

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