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Celtic Shield Wedding Ring. This heavyweight band really is a beautiful design inspired by the exquisite detail on The Ardagh Chalice. There are other Celtic Shield rings out there but my design is completely unique. It has a deeper detail, is thicker and almost twice as heavy as the other options but it is priced better.


About the Design

Dating back to the 8th Century, The Ardagh Hoard is a collection of 8th Century Irish Christian metalwork consisting of The Ardagh Chalice, a plainer stemmed cup in copper-alloy, and four brooches. The best known piece of the hoard is The Ardagh Chalice. The chalice is a large, two-handled silver cup, decorated with gold, gilt bronze, brass, lead pewter and enamel, which has been assembled from 354 separate pieces; this complex construction is typical of early Christian Irish metalwork. The Ardagh hoard is on display in the National Museum of Ireland. 


Where is it made?

Each one is individually handcrafted to order in my workshop in Dublin, Ireland. By handcrafting each one to order, I can ensure you get a quality piece made with the most intricate detail made to last a lifetime. Each one is hallmarked in the Irish assay office in Dublin castle


Shopping for the set?

This ring is part of our popular wedding ring sets. The 7mm is better suited towards the groom, whilst the 5mm is better matched to the bride. However, both rings are unisex and interchangeable to suit your style. For the 7mm version, please click here.

5mm Celtic Shield Ring

PriceFrom €110.00
  • Weight

    Silver 4.6 grams
    10k Gold 5.5 grams
    14k Gold 6.2 grams
    18k Gold 7 grams
    Platinum 10 grams
    Palladium 5.5 grams



    5mm Width

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