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The beautifully handcrafted Ogham wedding ring has a minimal design but comes with a secret personal touch, each one is inscribed with your own chosen letter of the Ogham Alphabet, an ancient Irish language. 
Individually handcrafted to order in my workshop in Dublin, Ireland to offer the highest quality and finest detail in each and every ring. As with all my designs this ring is made to last generations. It has an impressive weight, one of the heaviest wedding bands out there but is comfortable to wear due to the comfort fit internal design. The comfort fit ring has a very slight curve on the inside. This helps to reduce pinching and digging in like some rings do. 
Each ring is available with a choice of two finishes, polished and satin. Your personalised Ogham inscription is darkened to make it stand out. If you would prefer to have the Ogham letter more subtle it can be left polished, just mention it in the notes during checkout.


About the Design

Ogham (pronounced O-UM) is the earliest form of writing in the Irish language; it can be traced as far back as the 4th Century and was used for around 500 years. Each character of the Ogham alphabet is named after the Irish for a tree or plant and is sometimes referred to as the Celtic Tree Alphabet. There are around 400 Ogham stones still surviving today, about 360 of which are found in Ireland. Ogham is represented by a series of horizontal and diagonal strokes on a vertical central line and reads from bottom to top or right to left.


Where is it made?

Each Ogham ring is individually handcrafted to order in my workshop in Dublin, Ireland. By handcrafting each one to order, I can ensure you get a quality piece made with the most intricate detail made to last a lifetime. Each one is hallmarked in the Irish assay office in Dublin castle, branded with the Arnua logo and stamped 'Made in Ireland'.


Shopping for the set?

This ring is part of our popular wedding ring sets. The 6mm is better suited towards the groom, whilst the 4mm is better matched to the bride. However, both rings are unisex and interchangeable to suit your style. For the 4mm version, please click here.

6mm Ogham Initial Ring

PriceFrom €110.00
  • Weight

    Silver 8.6 grams
    10k Gold 10.5 grams
    14k Gold 11.4 grams
    18k Gold 13 grams
    Platinum 18 grams
    Palladium 10 grams



    Width 6mm x Depth 1.7mm

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